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White Grubs

L.S.L. recommends a preventative approach when it comes to white lawn grubs. While many homeowners consider grubs out of sight, out of mind, the white grub larvae chew off all turfgrass species’ roots. When the grass roots have been destroyed, the lawn will appear yellow in patches, like the lawn is dying out so many of our customers mistakenly assume that the lawn needs only water to restore a lush, green appearance.  Other symptoms to watch for include: birds, skunks and raccoons digging up the lawn feeding on grubs, leaving pencil-sized holes. Often damaged turf will roll back like a carpet! 

Grub Damage Symptoms

Yellow Patches

If the problem is ignored the yellow patches will get larger and the damaged areas will then fill in with weeds or crabgrass. The best time to treat grubs is when they are very young, before you are faced with severe damage. Why wait?

By August, when there’s more stress on the turf, grubs have done enough injury to roots to heavily damage a lawn. Prevention is the way to go in the Southern MD areas where grubs tend to be a regular problem for about 30 to 60 percent of lawns.

Pencil sized holes

Animals like birds, skunks and raccoons dig up the lawn to feed on grubs, leaving pencil-sized holes. Often damaged turf will roll back like a carpet! 

Beetles in Late Spring and Summer

White grubs survive the winter as larvae in the soil but In the early spring the grubs begin to feed again. Later in the spring and summer, they hatch into adult beetles.  Beetles lay eggs in the soil which hatch into grub larvae. The larvae feed ravenously on grass roots, which results in the yellowing of your lawn.

Grub Control

L.S.L. can recognize the difference between a simple drought problem and a serious white grub infestation. We use materials that are applied carefully at the most effective time in controlling this serious lawn pest.

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